Key points

  • Knowledge input to support mental health in young people within companies with different focuses
  • Knowledge is combined with case studies – exchange of knowledge
  • Information and checklists for transferring knowledge into practice

Learning objectives

  • Be aware of the most important challenges and developments in adolescance.
  • Be familiar with management styles and their effect on apprentices.
  • Know how stress materialises and what needs to be considered in working structures.
  • Know general measures for dealing with stressors and resources.
  • Understand how motivation and performance are related.

Working practices

  • Knowledge contributions
  • Discussion and sharing of experiences with other participants
  • Practical work based on case studies

Target groups

  • Vocational and practical instructors
  • Heads of vocational training
  • HR managers / WHM officers

Dates and registration

5 June 2020LausanneFrenchregister
9 June 2020BerneGermanregister
28 October 2020St GallenGermanregister
13 November 2020BaselGermanregister


Participants receive confirmation of participation.

Course instructors

Specialists from Health Promotion Switzerland


Course details (german)

Course details (french)


Madlen Witzig
Project Manager WHM Awareness & Dissemination