1. Simplification

It is now even easier for companies awarded the label to commit long-term to WHM: We have optimised the assessment tool and reduced the effort involved in the assessment process.

  • Tool
    The assessment tool has been made more user-friendly. For example, several users can now work on the self-assessment at the same time and apply proof that has already been entered to the pending re-assessment at the touch of a button.
  • Process
    Re-assessment reports focus more heavily on changes and therefore emphasise the continuous improvement process (CIP). For the 17 elective criteria, companies have the option in the first and second re-assessments to only enter the changes since the last assessment, making the re-assessments shorter. Only every third assessment is a full assessment.  We would be happy to inform you about these changes in a personal visit ahead of a re-assessment.

2. Comparison

The new benchmark enables comparison with other companies that have been awarded the label, thereby driving forward a company’s own continuous improvement process (CIP) according to its own resources.

  • Companies can compare themselves using the Swiss benchmark across all other companies awarded the label, putting their own performance into context. This reference helps in management presentations in particular, or to compare the company’s own CIP. The benchmark is updated annually when the label is awarded in October.
  • Health Promotion Switzerland does not communicate the general benchmark or company-specific values proactively. Companies can receive an updated version of their benchmark excerpt for each year on request.

Benchmark order form (Link requires login to Branding Box)

3. Updating

More depth has been added to the guideline with current WHM issues, and the assessment matrix has been refined.

  • Guideline
    The criteria in the guideline have been expanded on and updated with current issues including Healthy Management, Mental Health and Generation Management.
  • Matrix
    The assessment matrix has been made clearer and more easily understandable; for example there is better differentiation from statutory requirements regarding safety at work/health protection, and information on ergonomics issues is now asked for more prominently.

4. Evaluation

The new guidelines “Promoting WHM via Effectiveness Review” help you to review the effectiveness of WHM using a reference figure cockpit and to select effective measures on this basis.

The guidelines include the WHM effectiveness model from Health Promotion Switzerland, with findings on links between WHM and company success. The reference figures and questions that can be used to review the effectiveness of a WHM project are illustrated step-by-step in practical examples. A free Excel tool is also available for documentation.

The guidelines were developed in collaboration with companies awarded the label and are aligned with the label guideline. Thus Health Promotion Switzerland is complying with the wish expressed by companies for more support with label criteria 5 and 6. Use of the guidelines is individual and voluntary, and does not represent a prerequisite for achieving the Friendly Work Space label.

The guidelines on effectiveness reviews can be downloaded free of charge.

Guidelines: “Promoting WHM via Effectiveness Review”

5. Communication / Employer branding

The Friendly Work Space brand is being strengthened further through various measures.

  • Branding Box
    All companies awarded the label have already had exclusive access to the Friendly Work Space Branding Box since spring 2016. This includes documentation on using the label in communication with employees and job applicants. The content is updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Sustainability reference
    Friendly Work Space companies that have already successfully passed several assessments can now emphasise their long-term commitment to systematic workplace health management with a sustainability reference as an addition to the logo. The order form for this is available in the Branding Box
  • Job platforms
    Since December 2016, Friendly Work Space has not only been integrated as a selection criterion on jobup.ch but also on the job platform jobs.ch ! Job-seekers can therefore search specifically for companies with an excellent health culture.
  • Campaign 
    The Friendly Work Space media campaign ran between June 2016 and the end of the same year, this time primarily on 20Minuten/20minutes online. The label adverts with a link to the competition were supported by advertorials, editorial reports and reader campaigns on health in the workplace. The aim was to show why working for an employer with the award is worthwhile. Friendly Work Space – everyone benefits!

Friendly Work Space Branding Box

Friendly Work Space logo with sustainability reference (password-protected access)

Friendly Work Space on job platform Jobup.ch

6. Quality

In addition to the expansion of services detailed above, the quality of the offer for companies awarded the label has also been improved.

  • The label assessment presentation is now included in the price, i.e. following the assessment, the assessors present the results to senior management.


Madlen Witzig
Project Manager WHM Awareness & Dissemination