Benefits for your organisation

With Friendly Work Space, you tackle WHM systematically. You are able to better exploit performance potential and reduce your costs. The label underlines your commitment as an exemplary employer and your employees benefit from optimised working conditions.

Friendly Work Space serves as an organisational framework for WHM

The six WHM criteria of Friendly Work Space serve as a guideline for systematically tackling WHM at your company. They help you in analysing the current status of your company’s health management, enabling you to see where you are doing well, while also allowing you to define areas in which there is potential for improvement.

Better exploit performance potential and reduce your costs

Various studies have shown that performance potential can be better exploited and costs reduced thanks to WHM:

Show the world your company’s commitment with the Friendly Work Space label

The Friendly Work Space label allows you to show your company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. The impact of the label is particularly apparent on the labour market: HR managers from Friendly Work Space companies inform us that between 5% and 30% of job applicants already list the label as a reason for their interest.

Your employees benefit from healthy working conditions

When it comes to WHM, it is important to involve employees. Those who work at Friendly Work Space companies can actively contribute to health-related issues during day-to-day business. Rather than simply being affected by their employer’s actions, they are given the power to help shape their surroundings and assume responsibility for ensuring a healthy and motivating working environment.

Short test: check your company’s WHM status

By providing only a few details as part of an online self-test, you can determine to what extent your company already meets the requirements for the label:


Madlen Witzig
Project Manager WHM Awareness & Dissemination