The Competitive Advantage of Health Management

In our two-day course, you will develop specific solutions for setting up and further optimising your workplace health management (WHM) under the guidance of our specialists. The aim is to develop solutions as to how you can analyse and more efficiently organise WHM in your company.

Program on Developing WHM | in collaboration with Suva

Would you like to have an influence on the motivation and personnel costs of your employees? Do you plan to position your organisation as an attractive employer? Are you unsure about how to tackle workplace health management (WHM)?

Achieving the Friendly Work Space Label

During our one-day course, you will use specific examples, exercises and tools to establish how to help your company to obtain the Friendly Work Space label under the guidance of our specialists. The aim is to enable you to realistically plan the various steps towards obtaining the label with reasonable effort.

Stress/Burnout: Recognising Staff Absences Early

How do you recognise the risk of staff absences early to break the vicious cycle of rising downtime costs and staff shortages? How can you introduce targeted measures to lasting effect in a company’s existing structures?

Happiness: Mental Health of Apprentices in Companies

How can you challenge apprentices without overwhelming them? How do they learn to deal with pressures and resources and how can you support them? Which developmental steps should be taken into account as a vocational/practical educator? In order to be able to answer these questions, we have developed a new one-day further training course in cooperation with vocational trainers and specialist psychologists to strengthen mentally healthy apprentices.

Reviewing the Effectiveness of WHM

In our one-day course, you will learn how WHM projects affect the health and motivation of employees. The basis for this is the WHM Effectiveness Model from Health Promotion Switzerland, which has been developed with partners from the worlds of science and business.

Healthy Leadership in the New Workplace

In this course you will learn leadership skills with which you can meet the challenges in the new workplace. You will reflect on your leadership behaviour and adjust your organisation to the new forms of work/office space. The course is run by Digicomp Academy AG.

New Office – Healthy through Change into New Office Worlds

In this course you will learn what is important if you want to design modern office environments that are beneficial to your health. You will learn about the critical success factors in planning and the change process. The course is run by Digicomp Academy AG.

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Madlen Witzig
Project Manager WHM Awareness & Dissemination